The Mathazone programme provides schools and teachers with everything they need to successfully deliver the Mathazone curriculum in their classrooms. Teacher training is an essential component of this programme. Effective teacher training is the key to unlocking every teacher’s potential to maximise their success with the Mathazone programme. To achieve the best results, we can offer two different training options.



Training for the Mathazone programme can be organised within your own school setting. A Mathazone professional trainer will visit your school upon request.

Since there are cross disciplinary activities in the Mathazone weekly plans, attendance of branch teachers, such as physical education, music and art, together with the foundation stage and early primary teachers is encouraged. This will increase the efficiency of the training and provide a solid basis for capturing the spirit of the holistic approach advocated by Mathazone.

Our whole day face-to-face training runs from 10:00am to 4.00pm. The comprehensive training covers topics such as the general structure of the program, the functioning model, use of the portal and Mathazone game techniques.

Since our trainer will be visiting your school, they can also advise you on how to efficiently organise and use the physical areas around your school in order to maximise the benefits of the Mathazone Programme.

We suggest that training would be best carried out during your summer seminar period or at the earliest opportunity in the academic year.

Registering for the Mathazone online portal is a preliminary condition for effective training. Examining the weekly plans on the portal before the training will be very helpful for teachers to better understand the concept orders. This way, teachers will have a chance to align the Mathazone weekly plans with their own school’s curriculum at the beginning of the academic year.



After registering your school to the Mathazone online portal, you may prefer to participate in our online training course. Online training is highly popular nowadays for reducing the costs of the trainer’s travel and accommodation expenses associated with face-to-face training. Since online training sessions have a shorter duration, sessions can be planned according to the number of your teachers and their individual needs.

Our online training session lasts around three hours. The number of participating teachers and the date of the training will be determined mutually.

To request either type of Mathazone training please contact us for a quote especially prepared for your school.

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