Mathazone for Parents

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the world of Mathazone!

Let's prepare our children for a more liveable future together!

Our goal for our children, our future generation, is for them to love themselves and all living beings and to become individuals who try hard to solve problems in life. Whatever job they have, wherever they work, they will be individuals who make use of their thinking ability in all situations in their lives. That is Maths!

Mathazone helps children learn maths language the way they learn their mother tongue

While Mathazone prepares our children for the mathematics of real life it also aims to teach them academic mathematical language in the same way as their mother tongue.  It is well known that when children learn any language at an early age that language becomes embedded in their minds and in their lives.

  • Mathazone starts maths teaching through stories about the cute characters living in Mathazone Forest. Maths concepts related to real life issues are all hidden in the stories.
  • Mathazone provides teachers with detailed weekly plans throughout the educational year. These plans are a great guide for teachers to ensure children are systematically introduced to mathematical concepts in the right order of universal mathematics.
  • Early childhood learning psychology is given priority when introducing mathematical concepts, ensuring that children are given the opportunity to learn in the way they do best. 
  • All the Mathazone games and techniques have been used in many schools around the world with great results for more than 15 years. The results clearly show the success of Mathazone in teaching children mathematical language, problem solving, numeracy, colours, shapes and basic operational concepts.
  • Mathazone weekly plans are prepared with a holistic approach in six sections as “Maths in Language”, “Maths in Art”, “Maths in Science”, “Maths in Emotions”, “Maths in Games” and “Maths in Music”.

What is the parent module of the Mathazone online portal?

We believe that if children practice what they learn in school in their real lives it will be easier for them to transfer their knowledge into lasting life skills.  This is where parents can be of great help. The Mathazone online portal allows parents to follow what their children are learning at school and support them with activities at home.

The Mathazone programme offers weekly plans to teachers through the online portal Teachers create classes on the portal and add each of their students. As soon as the child has been added to the class at the beginning of the school year the system automatically creates a username and password for each parent. With this login information the parents can follow the programme throughout the current educational year.

During the year the class teacher follows the weekly plans and gradually marks each one as finished. Once they have been completed the plans appear in the parents’ section of the Mathazone portal. By following the parent portal you can implement the recommended practices with your children in the context of your daily lives.

What content is available on the Mathazone parent portal?

Videos, stories, routine activity documents, class material images, other supplementary online materials and special activity recommendations of the week.

Samples from the parent portal;

In the Mathazone teaching method, the teacher watches the video with the children in the specified week, then uses the video to support experiences in cross-curricular areas such as drama, art, music, language and games over a 15 day period.

It is important to underline that the plans offered to parents are not the same as the teachers’ plans; they are more concentrated on parent–child daily life activities whereas the teacher plans focus on class/school activities.


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